Cat In The Hat Special Feature: Knows A Lot About Camping {DVD Prize Pack Giveaway & Review}

It’s the first day of Summer Vacation and The Cat in the Hat whisks Nick, Sally and Fish off on the greatest great outdoor camping adventure ever! Our gang gets back to nature as they hike through the Fickle Fern Forest, camp out overnight, trek over Mt. Weewobble and canoe down the Tickle Drop River… just in time for Fish to meet up with his family for a grand reunion. Along for the ride are Little Cats A, B and C, who discover there’s wonder in nature once their electronic devices are powered off! Nick and Sally help keep the Little Cats out of trouble, while Fish tries to keep his jacket pressed and the mud out of his fancy fishbowl… all while getting up close to some of nature’s most awesome sights, and learning how best to respect them. After being lulled to sleep under the stars by a chorus of animals, the morning brings Everyone agrees it really has been the Greatest Great Outdoors Adventure Ever! 

My Thoughts…

In planning on going camping with my family again this Summer, I felt the  Cat In The Hat Special Feature: Knows A Lot About Camping was the perfect feature to enjoy leading up to our trip. This story got my kids excited about all the adventure we’d be having on our own. It also caused them to reminisce about the fun things we did and the neat things we saw the last time we were out in the Oregon woods camping with friends.

We see the Cat and his friends stargaze, discover interesting facts about flowers, build shelters, hike mountains, raft down a river,  and realize just how interesting nature can be. The songs are fun. The first song in the feature is about packing for an adventure. It’s a great reminder that we should always pack for all sorts of weather and what things we shouldn’t forget when/if we go.

I liked there was an emphasis about unplugging which can sometimes present an issue these days among children and adults.  Phones, games, and other electronics have their place.  This issue wasn’t forced being over the top and in your face but it shone light lightly on it in a good way in my opinion.

I loved the tip at the end of the feature about what we should leave behind after camping. The answer being nothing at all. It’s best to leave nature just as we found it.  A winner of a tip so children will know it’s best to clean up after themselves at the campsite.

The DVD runtime is 60 minutes long so it’s the perfect run-time for kids to sit down and watch with the family not being too long or too short.It has an English and Spanish language option.

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