Busy Bags Kids Will Love: Make-Ahead Activity Kits for a Happy Preschooler and Stress-Free Parent


Busy Bags Kids Will Love: Make-Ahead Activity Kits for a Happy Preschooler and Stress-Free Parent By Sara McClure is a great resource! The Activities and ideas within are meant to be just more than a distraction but will also challenge children to think,  recognize colors/shapes/numbers/patterns, build motor skills, and improve vocabulary in a fun hands-on way. The busy bags projects in this book are intended for children ages 3-6 years old.

I’m a homeschooling mom of three children. I often need to have a good distraction for one or two kids at a time while I do one on one work with another. Not every day this happens but when it does, I like to offer hands-on activities instead of just turning on the television set every single time to keep them occupied. I’m not anti-tv by any means, but I often feel children will benefit more from a screen-free activity more.

I have saved and pinned many similar ideas for busy bags to create for my children but never did end up going back or following through. The internet often has a way of distracting one from what was intended. I’ve found that physical or digital books are what works best for me so I am pleased Sara created this offering for people like me!

Sara provides simple instructions and the activities feature easy to find supplies for compiling each bag.  What kind of items will you need for most of the project you ask? A few of the things are pom-poms, wooden craft sticks, craft foam sheets, buttons, felt, mod podge, etc. If you have a laminator that’s a huge bonus but not entirely necessary,  Most of the items I already have around my home but if I don’t have them I can pick up most at the local craft, bargain bin section of my favorite retailer, or dollar store.

There are 52 busy bag ideas (one for every week of the year) and each section of the book (math, literacy, fine motor skills, and just for fun) has an explanation of early childhood development in each of these areas. Each busy bag is explained about their uses. There’s how to host a busy bag swap and a list of 100 Things Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten.

A few of the bags you’ll find in the book: 

  •  Fishing for colorful letters and numbers
  • Building shapes with pipe cleaners and straws
  • Practicing words by rolling the dice
  • Exploring textures with blocks, nuts, bolts, and zippers
  • Developing fine motor skills with a shoe-tying practice board

 The book features full-color photos throughout and step-by-step instructions. I am quite pleased with this book and there’s absolutely nothing I would change or can think of that would make it better. There are even bag suggestions for American holidays such as building a gingerbread man, making a jack-o-lantern, and snowman!

Aside from day to day use, these ideas would work great for schools, church, home daycares, and even for parties for children. I’m already gathering supplies to make bags for my two youngest children to use at home or on the go! Fun and learning are a great combination. I do hope other will check this book out too per my recommendation.

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