The Beautiful Word Devotional {Review}

The Beautiful Word 365 Devotional will stir the heart, inspire the soul, and delight the eyes.  Being an artist and a fan of simple designs inspired by shapes, natures, and colors I adore this book. It pairs beautifully with the Bible in the same line but stands well enough on its own that you don’t need it. 

The devotions start in January and end in December. There is no year date so this book can be used over and over again or passed along if you don’t personalize the front cover with a name. Each devotion takes up a single page. The two-page spread features an inspired illustrated Bible scripture from one of the two devotions and an adequately sized section to journal on the opposite page. There are 182 colored illustrated verses in all.  Each of the devotions features a short prayer to the Lord to end it.

I found the devotional to be relatable and perfect for those of any age.  It takes me about five minutes or less to read through and then a bit more time is given for reflection. In a fast paced world where so much is required of us, it’s nice to have a devotional-length that can be read in the morning hours before we fully start our days. I like it’s rooted in scripture taken from the NIV. This book provides encouragement, challenges, reflection, thankfulness, hope, grace, contentment, and much more to carry one through the entirety of a year.

This devotional would make a lovely gift for teens, young adults and older. It’s available currently in hardcover and in digital format.

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the BookLook blogger review program in exchange for an honest review.