Sonic Underground Volume 2 Collector’s Edition!

Ncircle just released a collector’s edition of Sonic Underground Volume 2, 3 disc set edition of everyone in my household’s favorite hedgehog Sonic!  I grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Genisis system and shortly after began watching the cartoon on Sunday mornings. Being fans of video games, Sonic is no mystery to my own children. They also like this character whether playing games featuring solely him or in those where he makes a guest appearance. 

Before being introduced to the DVD collection, they discovered Sonic on Netflix.  My 8-year-old daughter and six-year-old son watched episode after episode. Needless to say, they were hooked. My whole family is enjoying this collectors edition of Sonic Underground. It has over 7 hours of 90’s toon goodness in the form of episodes and music videos! There are 20 music videos as added bonus content included by Sonic and his band.

The price is great for this three-disc DVD set.  I’m sure long time fans and even new fans to the series will be pleased.  We recommend it!

Synopsis: Join Sonic (voiced by Family Matters Jaleel White), and his siblings, Sonia and Manic, as they fight to be reunited with their long-lost mother, Queen Aleena. In this second and final set of episodes, we return to Dr. Robotnik having his sights set upon Queen Aleena’s crown jewel, which glows as it moves closer to her. Sonic, Manic, and Sonia need to recover the jewel before Dr. Robotnik does. They need to do this not only to find their mother but also to protect her from Dr. Robotnik. Will they succeed? When they aren’t battling Dr. Robotnik and his henchmen, Sonic and his siblings make time for their rock band, Sonic Underground.

Stories include:

  • The Jewel of the Crown
  • Three Hedgehogs and a Baby
  • Dunes Day
  • Mummy, Dearest
  • The Hedgehog in an Iron Mask
  • Six is a Crowd
  • Wedding Bell Blues
  • Flying Fortress
  • No Hedgehog is an Island
  • New Echidna in Town
  • Country Crisis
  • Haircraft in Space
  • Healer
  • Sonia’s Choice
  • The Big Melt
  • Sleepers
  • Bartleby the Prisioner
  • The Art of Destruction
  • The Pendant
  • Virtual Danger


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