Big Look Bible Book By Make Believe Ideas {Book Review}

The Big Look Bible Book is geared toward babies up to children eight years old though I feel it’s best suited for babies to around age six. It’s moderate board book format meaning the pages aren’t paper but they aren’t really thick board like pages either but somewhere in the middle. The book has your general rectangular outside shape with rounded corners but on the inside, each story features its very own shaped pages. Shaped pages add a fun element to the book, in my opinion.There are nine Bible stories included which are; Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Joseph, David and Goliath, Daniel, The Nativity, The Angel’s Visit, Following the Star, and Jesus is Risen.  The illustrations remind my of my vector graphic art days. There are no darker outlines, just shapes together to form the images. The pictures are colorful and there are lots of added things to look at as the story is being read. There are bugs, animals, insects, among the images of the Bible story characters. My littlest one really like the butterflies and ducks.
Each story is only a few sentences long and the text is always featured on the left-hand side of the two-page spread. An early reader should have no issue at all reading this book aloud or by themselves. It’s a great pick to read to younger children with short attention spans.  I appreciate the choice of including both Old and New Testament stories. Stories may be short but adults can elaborate and have plenty of time to answer any questions children may have about what was read.  After reading, how about a game of spot the animal or insect together?

* I have received this book for free from  BookLook Bloggers  in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*