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“Will entertain and lift your spirits.” ~ Jackie K. Cooper, HUFFINGTON POST

“An entertaining family movie.” ~ MOVIEGUIDE

You’ll believe in miracles when BELIEVE debuts on Blu-ray and DVD April 11 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Starring Ryan O’Quinn (“Alias,” “Dad Dudes”), Danielle Nicolet (Central Intelligence, “Born Again Virgin”), Shawnee Smith (Saw, Anger Management), and Isaac Ryan Brown (“How To Get Away With Murder,” “Blackish”), the inspirational film follows a small town business owner as he struggles with the financial responsibility of funding the annual Christmas pageant while trying to maintain his family business. When he meets a young boy and his mother, their newfound friendship impacts his life in a way he never could have expected.

Join the cast and crew as they take you behind-the-scenes in the beautiful state of Virginia with the “Faith Is Everywhere: The Making of Believe” featurette. Bonus materials also include a hilarious blooper reel and deleted scenes.


For years, the small town of Grundy, Virginia has relied on the Peyton family to provide the highlight of the year—the annual Christmas pageant. When Matthew Peyton (Ryan O’Quinn) inherits the family business, the responsibility of the Christmas pageant also falls on his shoulders. But as financial hardships fall on the town, Matthew finds himself overwhelmed. As his business profits plummet and his workers begin to strike, Matthew is forced to make a decision between selling the family business and canceling the beloved pageant or sticking out hardships despite his rapidly declining popularity in the community. Through chance events, Matthew meets Clarence (Isaac Ryan Brown), a boy who believes in miracles, and his mother Sharon (Danielle Nicolet). His newfound friends impact Matthew’s life in a way he never thought possible and teach him to believe and give faith a chance.

Directed and written by Billy Dickson, BELIEVE was produced by Nelson Diaz, Ben Holmes, Jacob Patrick, and Kevin Sizemore; with Billy Dickson and Ryan O’Quinn, serving as executive producers.

DVD Extras Include:

  • Faith Is Everywhere: The Making of Believe
  • Blooper Reel
  • Deleted Scenes


My Thoughts…

What a wonderful family-friendly Christian film! I watched this movie with my nearly-nine-year-old daughter and she enjoyed it just as much as I.  The story picks up around Christmas time but the message to take away applies year round. That being said, if you only prefer watching Christmas movies around Christmas, how about in July instead?

The message is to not give up hope no matter what the circumstance. Keep holding on always even though all hope seems gone. We see how God works in mysterious and miraculous ways but not always in the way we would expect it.  I like the sense of community and how the movie displays behaving like Christ would by giving selflessly and helping those in need around us whatever the cost.

The acting is done well, the music choices are good, and scenes well were done. We were drawn in from the beginning and quite insteresed to see how things would end.

The movie rating is pg for some scary scenes so keep that in mind if watching with sensitive children.

I’m pleased to own this movie and would encourage families, church groups, and other Bible-believing individuals to see this film and to share with all that they know.

BELIEVE has a run time of approximately 119 minutes and is rated PG.

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*