100 First Words , A Dk My First Book

Growing minds need interesting books that are fun to look at and educational. A book that my one-year-old daughter goes back to again and again is 100 First Words. I knew the updated version of the book was a must-have because the previous edition I had for my two older children and since gifted to another mother was enjoyed just as much.

In this book, babies and toddlers are introduced to familiar things. The categories covered on two-page spreads are My Body, My Toys, Out and about, Mealtime, Pets, Things that go, and Bathtime. Things seen range from slippers to flowers.  Bright colors and patterns appear on all pages. 

I like this book includes high-quality full-color real life photos as well as engaging stand-out illustrations. I feel having both helps children make the connection that even though something might look a little different it still can be the same thing. Under each of the things in the book, there’s bold face font featuring the word for said thing which will help children with sight words. It’s a great book for building vocabulary.

My daughter looks at this book every day. I’ll ask her about a certain item like a “duck” and she’ll point to it on the page or if we are on another page, she’ll flip around in the book till she finds it. She’ll say duck and quack when she sees it. I praise her for a job well done and she gets really happy and claps.

This book is great fun! I can see huge improvements in my child’s learning. In fact, her pediatrician says even though she just turned one year old she’s already demonstrating most two-year-old milestones. I feel taking time reading to baby daily and engaging with fun and interesting books is a huge part of this.

I stand behind this book and hesitate not to recommend it. Its oversized shape makes it stand up to use over and over again. The price is $9.99 as of this posting on Amazon.com.

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*