The Legend of the Sand Dollar {Book Review}

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My nearly nine-year-old daughter picked up this book as soon as she saw it.  The Legend of the Sand Dollar, An Inspirational Story Of Hope For Easter my daughter told me is at the top of her list for a book to read during the Easter Season. She says all families should read it and that she gives it two thumbs way up.   This offering By Chris Auer, Richard Cowdrey is a classic remake i.e newly illustrated but I’d never read or seen either before just recently! 

In The Legend of the Sand Dollar, we meet Kerry and Jack. Kerry is sad about not being with her parents on Easter but soon cheers up. She goes exploring the beach with her cousin and soon learns a special tale about the sand dollar. The story of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection is told well. Who knew these sea creatures could hold such a deep meaning of hope and love!

The illustrations in this book are beautiful! I think the illustrator did an exceptional job. There are no scary scenes. I do wish that they had put scripture verses or references to read or look up later within.

I have no doubt this timeless tale will stay with my children. I’m thrilled to be able to share such a wonderful book with them and can only hope they’ll do the same in the future.