Practicing Handwriting with “A Is for America Letter Tracing”

A is for America Letter Tracing is a book to introduce to children that want or need to practice their handwriting skills. The book goes through the alphabet starting with A and end with Z.  The letters to practice are in capital and lowercase format. State facts are given on each letter page so children will not only practice writing but learn fun and interesting geographical facts.

The illustrations within are kid friendly and in a gray scale format. I had wished these illustrations were in a black and white format to color as a reward for finishing the handwriting practice but that’s just personal preference. I have one child that loves to color and another that would rather not. Having this option would have added another feature to this workbook but that being said it doesn’t take away from the content given.

Each letter is covered on two pages. There is a saying like “o is for orca”, a State Fact, and a fun illustration. Following, there are three rows of dotted letters to trace and three rows to write them without a guide.  The pages are thick enough to withstand moderate eraser marking if needed.

My six-year-old son is left handed and to be honest, his writing could use the help. This book can be done one letter a day or more. I let him lead on how much he’d like to get done. He does find the images fun to look at and the State facts fascinating. I appreciate a basic book that’s not too busy, overwhelming, or boring for him to practice in. He’s getting needed practice and brushing up on geography too. I’d say this book is a winner.


* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*