Devotions from the Kitchen Table {review}

Devotions from the Kitchen Table is a wonderful offering to pick up to draw nearer to God on a daily basis. There are 90 devotions within its glossy photograph and word-filled pages. Anyone that loves cooking for their family and friends will likely be enamored by this book. Cooking experiences, things that often happen to all of us surrounding the kitchen table and preparing food is brought to light and gives us a Word from the Lord as a practical and applicable example. 
There are sweet stories but there are also some hard ones included. The book is deeper than one might expect and I like that. We need the grit among the good. It’s in the tough times that we grow and learn to dwell fully on God in our walk with him.

This devotional if read daily will last a reader about three months. There is a handy ribbon bookmark included to keep your spot until the next reading. There is no spot to take notes or journal a reflection if desired within its pages. The devotions take about five minutes to read give or take. Each reading features a title, scripture verse, and ends with a thought/prayer meant to be spoken to the Lord.

I am getting so much out of this devotional and would recommend picking it up for anyone that enjoys time spent in the kitchen which is also known as the heart of the home.

* I have received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*