Coming in May: Build a… T-rex & Build a… Butterfly by Kiki Ljung {review}

These Spring days have been warmer but wet. While other children may be out enjoying the sunshine my children have been hanging inside. I’ll admit that my oldest daughter and son have a lot of energy! Energy isn’t bad but they can get loud and rowdy while baby sister is needing to nap. I often hear “I’m bored” escape from their lips looking to me for suggestions of what to do. Well, I like to direct their energy to quiet hands-on activities that will promote learning while still being a lot of fun. 

I was delighted to hear from my contact at Quarto about two exciting new releases by Kiki Ljung. Build a…T-rex  and Build a… Butterfly are geared toward children ages 5 to 8 years old.  These titles are educational, engaging,  fun, and really cool to look at! I knew I had to check them out to share with my children and to talk about here on my blog!

What makes both of these titles so cool is that you can build a step-by-step 3D model while you read through the book! Both titles are both full of facts from life cycles, animal/insect features, what they eat, etc. My daughter thought it was the coolest thing that at night butterflies roost upside down to sleep. My son told me a fact he learned about the size of the t-rex’s tail helped it hold it’s large head up!

I’m impressed with the quality of the books. The cardboard pieces that make up the models are pretty strong. You find the pieces needed in order as each page is turned. The pieces are easy to push out. Patience is key for any sort of model and as long as a child isn’t in a rush the model will come out just as intended.

The colors are captivating and the illustrations awesome. These books are top quality and I recommend them for rainy days, summer afternoons, or for those much needed quiet times.

Interested in Purchasing? You can find both titles on or other popular retailers for $11.00-12.99 each! The pre-order price is a good deal right now!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*