Why Learning From a Christian College Is a Smart Investment

Why Learning From a Christian College Is a Smart Investment

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re thinking about furthering your education. One of the most pressing matters to keep in mind if you have a religious background is whether to invest in getting your education from a Christ-centered institution. There are numerous reasons to choose that option.

Learn From Professors Who Understand the Bible

It’s easy to understand why many people prefer Christian-based education when it comes to learning more about the professors teaching the classes. Think about how challenging and possibly offensive it would be if you’re asked to complete an assignment that is in direct conflict with the concepts you’ve learned by reading the scriptures.

Although there may be a process you can go through to avoid having to accept such assignments at secular colleges, students often realize it’s easier to just learn from institutions that purposefully hire teachers that are Christianity-professing people. You and your instructors may have some differences in particular interpretations and beliefs but you can rest assured that the main foundations of your faith will be shared by, or at least respected by, the people who teach your classes.


Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Whether you take classes at a Christian institution on a physical campus or online, you have numerous opportunities to connect with other Christians and minister to each other. Regardless of if you meet face to face or communicate on social media channels, through instant messaging services, and by posting on message boards, you can study the Word of God, pray for guidance through life’s challenges, and offer suggestions about studying for tests.

You can’t expect to have everything in common with the other people in your classes. However, sharing the same religious beliefs allows you to find a huge amount of common ground. Even if you’re ordinarily shy about meeting new people, when you know you’re in the company of other Christians, it should be easier to start conversations and begin potentially lifelong friendships.

Share the Gospel With Classmates

If you’re attending a Christian college, the understandable assumption is that all the people there are Christians. However, that’s not necessarily true. Consider how there are some people who may have accepted Christ into their hearts but aren’t living out Christian values through their actions. Realize too that some non-Christian people may be urged to go to such colleges by concerned family members who are committed Christians.


These realities mean you may have more opportunities than you ever expected to share the Gospel with your classmates or at least help them carry out more Christ-like decisions in their everyday lives. Witnessing to others is something that would likely be heavily discouraged at a secular institution but certainly not at a Christian place of learning.

Enjoy Teachings That Apply to Your Beliefs


Another advantage of learning at a Christian institution is that the concepts you learn will be centered on Christ’s teachings in various ways. For example, if you’re thinking about taking online classes from Abilene Christian University (ACU) and are particularly interested in ACU’s Master in Conflict Resolution, you’ll soon see that Christian values are at the heart of that program and all others that ACU offers.


By focusing on that subject, you can get equipped to resolve conflicts in the workplace or in interpersonal relationships and learn about arbitration and mediation. Through your learning process, it’ll be easy to apply what you know about Christ’s teachings to the things taught in your classes.


These are just some of the many reasons why it’s a good idea to strongly consider investing your time and money into a Christian institution instead of a secular option. Your decision to do so could result in not just greater knowledge but stronger faith.