When God Made You {book review}

When God Made You written by Matthew Paul and illustrated by David Catrow is quite the book. This story encourages children to be proud of who God created them to be. Uniqueness is celebrated¬†from the color of one’s skin the things that perk interests. Traits such as love, kindness, confidence, and bravery are pointed out as well as the fact we are created in God’s image.

The visuals are whimsical and a real treat to look upon. The colors are very vivid! The girl character in the book expresses herself through her talent of art, and what delight it is to whisk one into the story. Children, as well as adults, are certain to be taken with this book, in my opinion, I know I have been.

The writing is poetic and the images shout just as loudly as the words. I loved seeing the story unfold. Even though the girl in the story is expressing her artistic gifts and side that doesn’t mean this book would only be well suited for a child that has a talent in art. This book is for any child to explore and certainly can open the door for conversations about what they like and makes them, well, them.

I adore the well pronounced you be who you are message behind this book because so loudly culture screams for us to be something else. We need more books like this! We are all here on earth for a reason and we all have special gifts and talents. What an awesome jumping board in this book to start to discover for children on just what that is.

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Blogging for Books blogger review program in exchange for an honest review.