The Beginner Bible Activity Book and Coloring Book!

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Easter is only a few more weeks away.  What a fun season this can be for children full of egg hunts, treats, and the return of warmer weather. I remember getting Easter gifts as a child and have continued the tradition for my own children. Trinkets of toys are fun to receive but they don’t last quite a long. I tend to choose gifts like seeds for planting or things that they need or can pass on when they are through with them. We are on a mission to free clutter from our lives so I can be a bit picky about what enters our homes. 

A gift idea I applaud and embrace is the popular addition of coloring and activity books in an Easter baskets. These sorts of books give children something to do aside from playing on electronics whether at home or when out and about.  Once a child is done with the book it can be recycled! It keeps our home clutter free and it gives back to the environment and has the potential to become something else. It’s a win-win!

The Beginner’s Bible Coloring Book & The Beginner’s Bible Activity Book are great choices for christ following kids! I gifted these two books 6-year-oldear old son because he likes activity and coloring books during his quiet times.  In the books, there are more than 60 recognizable Bible stories with artwork taken directly from The Beginner’s Bible.

I’m very impressed with the quality! These aren’t you cheaply made books you’d likely find on the market. The books are printed on thicker than average pages. The illustrations are perfectly printed and there’s no misprints, fading, or blurriness like I said top quality!

In the activity book there are word searches, connect-the-dots, mazes, matching games, trace the letters and so much more! My son enjoys doing these sorts of activities and proudly shows them off when he’s done.

These books cost around 3-4.00 depending on where purchased. I feel they are worth the money! Your kids will have fun and be reminded of the great stories found in the Bible.