Baby Bubbles {Review}

Baby Bubbles is a company that was created by Teresa Skrepenski following the birth of her preemie niece. She saw the challenges and toll it took on her own family and was compelled to help others in the same situation while also raising awareness.  I feel what she and her company is doing is a great thing and I fully support the cause.  My youngest sister was born a whole month earlier and she was premie in size. There were certainly challenges and concerns and any additional help and support for my family was certainly welcome.

 Baby Bubbles offers unique onesies in sizes from newborn to 24 months that come with neat removable and interchangeable patches! There are milestone patches from 1 month to 1 year, holiday, boy & girl designs, celebration, and other cute designs. These patches paired with the onesies are great for photoshoots and just because! Snapping photos and sharing them with friends and family or for the baby record book is easy with a go to onesie and a set of patches!

What I love about these patches is that once they are placed on the onesies they stay in place! The velcro is strong and the patches are excellent in quality. I’ve tried those peel and stick types and my baby girl just ends up ripping those off and tries to eat them. Not the photos I was going for, let me tell ya!

You can choose from organic or standard onesies. The quality has a nice thickness and holds up in the wash! Everything is available to purchase separately and there are also sets. The sets are great for baby shower gifts, in my opinion.  I feel the prices are reasonable and it’s great to shop knowing that a portion of the proceeds are helping others.  I love my daughter in her Baby Bubbles and she likes it too!


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