5 Minutes With Jesus: Quiet Time for Your Soul

5 Minutes With Jesus: Quiet Time for Your Soul by Shelia Walsh and Sherri Gragg is a breath of fresh air. This little book contains wisdom, insights, and a heartfelt concern for sisters in Christ. The days are busy and can often be hectic. But even five minutes of time turned to our Lord God can give us just the reminder we need of his love. The powerful words give readers a gentle push to fall on His promises instead of trying to make it on our own. 

Quiet times and a rest is something I have to make sure to fit into my day. If I don’t, I am left weary with very little of myself to give back to others. I appreciate this devotional book because sometimes as a mom of three I don’t often have more than five minutes to myself. There’s the dishes that need washing, the never ending laundry to do, and all the extra responsibilities that come with being a mother, wife, teacher, and friend.  I feel that Shelia totally gets this and offers a wonderful way to seek God even if only a little bit of rest for your soul.

This book is best to read in the morning, in my opinion. Starting the day out of the right foot can really impact the day. Each devotional features a title, a short entry, a takeaway, and several Bible scriptures that correspond to what is read. The devotions show the heart of the author. She’s open, honest, and light-hearted. Some days you’ll laugh and others you may cry. But throughout all the devotions you’ll feel better. You’ll be blessed is so many ways by taking from the truths and scripture within the pages of this book.

The colorway of the book is a grayish blue on white. It doesn’t strain the eyes to read it. I would have preferred an attached ribbon place marker but alas one is not there. You’ll need to use your own bookmark to keep the place. The size of this book is small and makes it a good choice to bring along in a purse, bag, or tote.  I feel it’s a nice book to use and pass along. It would make a nice gift for a lady of any age. It’s worth noting it’s available in hardcover and digital format. Pricing is under ten dollars.

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Book Look Blogger review program in exchange for an honest review.