Kingdom Family Devotional {Review}


The Kingdom Family Devotional by Dr. Tony Evans and his son Jonathan Evans is an ideal choice for the family. However, I feel for children ages 5 and under a bit may be lost on them.  This book is for the family. It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, etc. The content can be applied no matter what your family looks like. This book is designed to take families through the entire year as it features 52 weeks worth of content. 
Every week in this devotional features a new topic. Topics include everything from forgiveness, prayer, integrity, friendship, and so forth. There are five readings for each week. This devotional book focuses on more than just reading but also provides activities for applying the things read. The interactiveness brings the family closer together and helps us to remember what we were learning. I like the ease of use. The authors do a great job in making sure family devotions aren’t overwhelming to the one that reads and takes charge of it.

Devotions don’t take long to read. I would say a long session would be 10-15 minutes. The reading may only take 5 minutes or less and then the rest of the time allows for families to discuss and pray about what the learned and how they can apply it personally and together. There are scripture references for each devotion that you’ll need to look up separately.

My kids are age 8, 6, and nearly a year old. I feel my oldest two understand what’s being read and respond to it pretty well.  I think because the topics read about cover 5 days in a row that they are remembered better. I like this approach to just reading about something different each day for them.

I feel this is a great devotional for families that are just starting out seeking God together. It’s not overwhelming. It’s easy to read. The discussion never feels awkward or confusing. I applaud this book and recommend it to all families.

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Tyndale blogger review program in exchange for an honest review.