Groggle’s Monster Valentine {Book Review}

Groggle’s Monster Valentine is fun holiday themed book that certainly should be shared and read by and to the monsters and monster lovers in your life. In the theme of the popular holiday, this book demonstrates love, the beauty of friendship and the fact it’s the thought that matters when showing others we care even when things don’t go as planned.
The visuals found within the pages of this book are quite whimsical. The rich colors of purples, reds, and blues are delightful. Some of the images jump from the pages with exquisitely placed lighting and shimmering of specific objects. Though there are monsters in this tale, these monsters aren’t scary. A little on the icky side such as the fact a valentine is being composed of bog slime and goo! In true monster fashion, there’s crunching, slurping, and gobbling that goes on too.

The story follows a young monster that wants to create the perfect Valentine for his friend but he keeps wanting to eat it! Yes, eat it! This book is amusing and interesting. Kids will be all ears ( mine were) to know just how the story is going to end! The animated characters, great illustrations, and amusing story line make this one top pick to read during the Valentine season.  My six-year-old son and my eight-year-old daughter enjoyed it thoroughly, as did I!




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Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Sky Pony Press review program in exchange for an honest review.