Baby Tooshy Cloth Diaper Covers {Review}

I’ve recently discovered Baby Tooshy and their amazing cloth diaper covers! Not only do they work at preventing leaks and blowouts, but they are affordable and come in several cute designs. The price is 2 for 20.00 which in comparing to other covers out there is a real steal. Usually, I’m spending more than ten dollars for just one cover but with Baby Tooshy, I can get two for the price of one. Braggable? Completely. 

There are four different styles to choose from. Each set comes with a patterned cover (farm, owls, birds, floral) and an embroidered one (colors are red, pink, blue, and green). All embroidered covers read “Cloth on my Bum, Breastmilk in my Tum, Sleep with my Mum”. I’m a breastfeeding, co-sleeping mom and the saying is 100% all my baby and I. But I can see that perhaps an issue for those that cloth diaper and don’t do those things or can’t. This can be a downside to purchasing the diapers in a set. I’m hoping that the option to purchase just the patterned ones altogether or separately becomes available for this very reason.

The covers feature adjustable snaps allowing them to be used for children 6lbs-35lbs meaning one can use these through baby to toddler/newborn to potty training.  These have a double layer of PUL and Double Gussets. The fit is trim and these fold flat taking up very little space in the stash or in our on the go bag.

These fit my 17lb nine-month-old daughter well! She’s shown no signs of discomfort or any lack of mobility when worn.  I use pre-fold cloth diapers ( you can use inserts and flats too!) in the newspaper fold most of the time and am pleased these feature a pocket to tuck these into!  We’ve had no accidents at all. No blowouts. No leaks!

Care is easy. I can throw these in with my regular cloth diaper wash without any other specific needs. I tend to air dry all my covers and found these to dry just as quick as my others. I like that unless there’s a huge mess to clean up, these can be wiped clean and used again the same day. Less mess, less laundry, and less hassle!

I recommend these cloth diaper covers and plan to get another set for my stash soon! I feel these would make a great gift for any baby that is to be cloth diapered. I’m hoping to see more patterns options for boys and unisex for those who may be wanting to gift and are wishing for more options!