My first Chicken Themed Threads!

I am beyond happy with the Chicken Lady Lineart | Artsy Chickens Drawing Ladies’ Triblend Racerback Tank by Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. I purchased for myself as a birthday gift this month! It’s likely going to be the first of many more chicken themed shirts and products to grace my closet.

I am 5 foot 2 inches tall and weight 125lbs. The size small fits well! The line art is screen printed so there’s no worry of it peeling. cracking, etc.  The quality is top-notch! It’s so comfortable against the skin when worn. I wasn’t sure of the color but it’s certainly more peach colored than it appeared on my computer screen. I can do peach! It looks good.

My speckled Sussex “Elanor” was overly curious and even tried to hop up on my selfie stick while I got these photos taken then my husband came out and took the rest. If he hadn’t come I likely would have ended up with a chicken on my shoulder or head ( it’s happened multiple times before from this hen).

If interested in one of these for yourself click the link above or the widget below!