Happy 6th Birthday, Owen!

The weather has provided some challenges when it comes to celebrating the Winter birthdays in our family. Visits to the local LEGO store and a trip to the arcade for my son had to be postponed due to the snowstorm of 2017 here in Oregon!

While the snow was quite beautiful to see, the freezing rain and black ice that came along with it was certainly not. We had to pick up the cake sooner than expected and our visit to have brunch with family almost didn’t happen!

Above is a picture of Owen by the Mill wheel. The wheel wasn’t moving because it was covered in ice and frozen solid! It’s the first year of us living in this area where snow and ice stuck around for more than a day or two. I am pretty sure we broke weather records.

Below is a picture of my husband, his parents, and my two daughters (Owen was just out of view). I didn’t take my better camera so excuse the lightening and lower resolution of my phone photos. Owen was happy with his food and his gifts. You can’t go wrong with LEGOs or fun activity sticker books… I only wonder when he leaves home how many he’ll have to take with him. I am guessing the number may exceed what even his father has.

We had a nice brunch and didn’t stick around too long for fear the roads would get slick. In our area, many main roads are closed during such conditions. The Birthday cake was yet another Batman-themed cake which is the third Batman cake in the last three years. I am wondering if he’ll grow out of it. It used to be choo-choo trains but he’s not really into Thomas anymore. They grow up too fast! I try not to think about it too much! Before I know they’ll be grown and I’ll be an empty nester …save for my flocks of chickens.