21 week old Easter Egger – “Cutie’s First Eggs”!~

One of the baby hens from our second flock “Cutie” laid her first few eggs this week at 22 weeks old! She is an Easter Egger and we did get her because of the rave reviews on how great a family chicken they make and we were also hoping for that blue or green shaded color egg the breed is known for. She didn’t lay a blue or green egg but a light tan color. We don’t mind. We are proud of her.

Cutie is such a friendly hen. She loves being held and seeing whatever commotion is up when we are in the yard. I highly recommend the Easter Egger breed if you are looking for a stander sized hen that is great with kids!

If you are looking for a ton of eggs note these aren’t the top egg layers. However, she’s been laying daily for me so far. But know that some Easter Eggers don’t even lay eggs till they are 7 months old. They are really a surprise breed and you’ll just have to see what you get. ¬†I love having a diverse flock and I have specific breeds because they are like pets to us not because of egg count.

Have a question about chickens? Just ask! I love talking about and learning new things about them. Some have dubbed me the #crazychickenlady. I’m going on year two with chickens and absolutely¬†still love it!