Where Does Love Hide? by: Mary Manz Simon {Lift-the-flap Board Book Review}

Where Does Love Hide? by Mary Manz Simon is simple way to introduce younger children to acts associated with showing our love toward one another.  The illustrations by Hannah Wood draw readers and listeners in keeping engagement from start to finish. The imagery features bright colors and smiling faces on every single page.

This book is bit too simple for any child over the age of three years old. I would say three and younger is the ideal fit. Little ones that adore lift the flap books will really like this one. My nearly 8-month-old daughter loves when I read this book and lift the flap on each page. She gets super excited and wants me to do it again and again! Though the message is probably lost on her at this age, I know as she grow in God and in understanding this book will be read again and again.

It takes connects the word “Love” with actions to the words. Everyday actions such as helping with the groceries, sharing cookies, taking turns, and so are included. These practical things children can tie to their likely day to day happenings. In this book, children will learn how they receive love and ways to give it themselves. A great book to reinforce the message that we love God because he first loved us.

I like that every single two-page spread features a Bible verse. Most of the verses are shorter and simplified for young children. There’s a note to parents in the back that instructions how to apply what’s read in the book to the lives of their child (children). Basically that our children will mimic what they see. We are their biggest example!

My only con with this book is that there are several pages full of book text, dedication, etc. Usually, board books compile that information into less space.

Overall I feel this is a sweet book for young ones. It would make a nice gift with Valentines Day around the corner. It certainly will be mixed into the lot of books I’ll be reading leading up to that date to my children.

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