Simplify Cleaning this Holiday Season with Butler! {Review & Giveaway}

If you are anything like me, you start seeing all the parts of the home that could use a pretty good cleaning before the house is open to others during this time of the year. But whether you are hosting or not during the season, another reason for a bit of a deeper cleaning could be because you want to start the New Year off fresh and tidy! 

Cleaning can be a hassle and a chore. Let’s face it, though we love the results we don’t always enjoy the process it takes to get there. The products used to aid in this job should  give one comfort and effectiveness  in completing the task at hand.

Butler Home Products I’ve turned to get my house into tip-top shape this month are as follows;

  • Butler
  • Dawn
  • Evercare
  • Gain
  • Love2Clean
  • Mr. Clean
  • Twist

Being able to find these brands in store or online was easy. There were lots of options to choose from. that I was able to utilize more than a few for the cleaning needs of my home. There were things that could be used indoor, outdoor, or  for both. I was able to plan me cleaning regimen room by room and what was needed for each thanks to the helpful infographic below!


Below are a few of the products I personally tried out in cleaning my home and my thoughts on them. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of my post (US only) to win these exact items for yourself!

Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves; Retail Price: $3.99

The Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves aren’t just for washing dishes; they can be used to aid in cleaning any room in the house. Designed with a 12-inch long cuff and a waffle pattern that offers a superior grip, the gloves feature anultra-plush lining that keeps hands and arms dry and comfortable while cleaning. Additionally, the gloves are made from a latex-free material that is resistant to chemicals, and offers a great alternative to consumers who are allergic to latex.

My Thoughts-  Wow! I never thought a pair of gloves used for cleaning could make me feel so pampered! These gloves are incredibly comfortable. My hands that are usually dry and agitated easily during the winter season were left protected while I cleaned.  I still can’t get over how soft the inside of the gloves are and how my hands didn’t feel irritated in the least bit. The gloves feature non-slip grip pattern. I think for the value of comfort in doing usually not incredibly comfortable cleaning tasks, the price is right. An added bonus is these are hypo-allergenic (i.e latex free).  I am liking the color white these come in as if out they mesh with everthing in my kitchen that much better. Would I recommend these? Yes!

Dawn Elite Gloves; Retail Price: $6.99

The Dawn Elite Gloves are designed with super premium latex and a seamless knit reinforced cuff with hanging loops. The loops make it simple for consumers to hang the gloves in an easy-to-reach place, so they are always on hand when it’s time to clean.

My Thoughts- I warned my husband that once I tried these gloves out there was no chance I’d be going back to purchasing the cheap ones. I like using these for washing dishes but they aren’t limited to just that task. I adore the fact these have a hanging loop. So often I am laying my pair of washing gloves over the side of the sink or near it and sometimes they slip back in or fall on the floor. These I can hang up on a designated loop and they are ready for me to use at the next time for cleaning. The feature some sort of material inside that is comfortable againist the skin. There’s slip proof patterning where needed. I think these are fanstic and plan on keeping them around till I need another pair!

Dawn Scrubtastic Sponge; Retail Price: $3.49

The innovative new Scrubtastic™ Sponge from Dawn can quickly and easily adapt to any cleaning chore. The sponge’s Thermal Scrub Technology™ (TST) allows it to remain stiff when used in cold water, though it becomes more pliable when used in warm or hot water.Whether consumers need to scrub away heavy-duty oven grease or clean the inside of a delicate wine glass, the Scrubtastic Sponge is more than up to the task. Additionally, the sponge’s material is designed to resist food particle buildup, and its open cell structure allows for superior sudsing when used with Dawn dishwashing liquid.

My Thoughts-  No more worries about my non-stick pan with this sponge around! It scrubs well and it holds up its shape after. I often use it on my pots and pans but it works well cleaning the stove top and microwave as well. Those stuck on messes don’t stand a chance!  It’s easy to keep clean and is holding up well with many uses so far!

Dustpan & Brush Set ; Price: $5.99

Recessed pan holds dirt deep in pan. The durable all-purpose brush and dustpan set locks together for easy storage.

My Thoughts – I like how compact this set is. I didn’t think I would use it all the much but as a mom of three, I encounter a lot of messes that can easily be swept away instead of wiped or vacuumed up. This is great size for teaching younger kids about responsibilities and chores too.  Perfect for those oops it happens moments!


Dawn Wiping Sponge; Retail Price: $2.49

The new Dawn Wiping Sponge has a larger wiping surface that makes it ideal for cleaning countertops and other large smooth surfaces in the kitchen. The premium cellulose sponge is made without the scrubber side featured in most sponges on the market, making it perfect for wiping down surfaces and differentiating it from the sponge consumers use to clean their dishes. This differentiation provides a sponge that is solely dedicated to cleaning countertop and similar surfaces, helping consumers avoid cross-contamination.

My Thoughts…

This set has been great for wiping down my counters, windowsills, and tables. I like the width, thickness, and absorbency they offer. They seem to soak up liquids really well! I feel aside from cleaning these would be a good pick for science and craft projects too! They come in a handy pack of two!

I hope my thoughts have encouraged you to check out some of the Butler Brand Cleaning products too. How about a chance to win all these for yourself? Enter to win below!

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* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*