Kaboom {Game Review by Dad}

Kaboom is a block tower building game with a twist; the other players are trying to knock your towers down as your build them. It all happens within a minute, counted down with an hourglass. 

The tiles are laid out and the builder can take any blocks to build the tower shown on the chosen tile. With the leftover blocks, another tile can be chosen and built on, if you have the right blocks remaining.

Take a look at a few of the tiles and blocks to familiarize yourself with them. Some of the rounded pieces confused me, since on the tile, they looked fully round, but the blocks are flat on a side. It was just a matter of perspective.
While the builder builds, the other players have limited tries to catapult wooden dice to knock towers over. Naturally, this can be fun for the people who are knocking the towers down but may not be the one getting their towers razed. If everyone can do it in good fun, great.

The dice don’t seem to be all that accurate, however, so there’s plenty of chance nothing will get hit. There is a variant in the rules to give missed shots a chance to still cause some havoc.

Another potential issue is the space required. Catapults are supposed to be a foot away from the tiles. A very large table would be required, or a good amount of floor space. Floor is probably best, since dice flying off a table generally causes extra trouble when they roll somewhere else after. Depends on your playing space.

The blocks, tiles, and other components are solid, and the rules are straightforward and clear. Kids will love knocking things down, so even if they aren’t playing the game, building and destroying should provide plenty of entertainment.

I don’t know that I’d want to get it out to play that often. There are other block building games that don’t have a direct conflict that I think are more fun.

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