First Sticking Snow of December 2016!

Winter is knocking out our door here in the pacific northwest. Yesterday we received our first sticking snow for the month of December. Usually, we get dark, cold, and mainly wet winters so the snow was welcome. What we aren’t, however, fans of  the melting and then re-freezing  of the rain and snow that becomes ice. Oregon just isn’t equipped too well for ice in certain areas. 

Lydia got to see her first snow. I think she was pretty tickled with it. She didn’t mind in the least bit me taking her around the yard to get photos. I didn’t keep her out too long though because her little nose started turning red. No uncomfortable chilly babies, please!

My older kids didn’t play in the snow for too long because we just weren’t equipped for it with gloves, snow bibs, etc ( I knit them hats but they rarely wear them!) ! Like I said before, it really is an unlikely occurrence here. But I am thinking maybe next year we’ll invest in those things and make a trip to Mount Hood. I’ve been here for over 10 years now and have never made a trip up to the mountains. Life has a way of getting away from you and if you blink you’ll miss it! I encourage everyone if they really want to do something to start saving money and writing up a list! It can be done! Have Faith!

My chickens really wanted nothing at all to do with the snow. I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to walk around in it either barefoot. I think their feet can get quite chilly. There’s chicken things to report but that will be saved for another post. Good news is that my little chicks aren’t so little anymore and should start laying eggs of their own in a few weeks. We are all pretty excited about that.

Is it snowing where you are? I’m sure for some of you are hoping for an early Spring already. I know how it is to see no light at the end of the tunnel of the frigid temperatures and the constant white. I lived in Pennsylvania and Maine for awhile so I’ve been there too. We are hoping for a white Christmas but we may just get rain. Whatever the case of the weather, it will be enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Saviour!