Doodletopia Fairies: Draw, Design, and Color Your Own Super-Magical and Beautiful Fairies {Review}


Doodletopia: Fairies by Chris Hart is a great drawing book for beginner art enthusiast to those with more advanced skills. This book isn’t per say pointed to children though the style is storybook-like and more likely to draw in the younger crowd. I’m 31 and my oldest daughter is 8 and we both have enjoyed browsing through the pages and trying out the numerous suggested exercises to advance our abilities in drawing in such a manner.  
In this book, there are several different sections. Each are as follows;  Complete Fairy Heads and Faces, Draw Fairy Bodies, Create Magical Clothing & Accessories, Design Fairy Wings and Flying Poses, Give Your Fairy Personality, Conjure Up Magical Powers, Finish Musical Instruments, and Design Fairy Dwellings. As one can imagine, this book is packed full of many drawing activities and challenges! There are many tips, hints, and suggestions all throughout to get creative juices flowing!

Following along with drawing isn’t hard. There’s usually a full illustration with a lighter less detailed template to copy on your own pad/paper. The given tips and suggestions make this book fun and not frustrating.

We have a few other books by Chris Hart and are just as happy with this one as those. I feel to get the most out of this book that one should start and the beginning and work their way through. Starting with practicing heads and faces just makes sense followed by the next chapter of drawing bodies.

I feel this art book would be a great gift for anyone that loves the fantasy genre no matter what their age may be. I had a lot of fun on my own practicing some of the faces and am excited about pushing forward. My oldest daughter has shown an interest in the book so I’m hoping we can have some art time together with it.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.