Decking Our Walls with!

Ever since the birth of my third child, I was wanting a group shot of my three children to display on my walls. For this purpose, we had a park date and got some really nice shots even though the skies were overcast and the temperatures a bit chilly. My only decision was if I as going to get a photo print or canvas. Well, an opportunity with arose and I took it. I must say
I am very happy with the results. 

Creating a print is ever so easy. You can choose to make an account or to create a product as a guest. Since I planned on ordering again I created an account. In creating an account,  it will save previous projects in case you want to order them again ( perhaps in a different size or style format).  I ordered a picture of my children in the 20×16 sizing with no image effects, a 1.5 thick wood frame, and a mirrored edge. There are few other options that one can pick from according to your preferred design aesthetics.  The hardware isn’t included free for hanging but it can be purchased with your order. We have plenty of hanging materials so we passed.

My canvas shipped quickly and was carefully packaged.  It came out beautifully! There’s no errors, mistakes, nor misprints.  Sizes canvas prints  and prices are available as follows;

8″ x 8″ $ 34.00
12″ x 8″ $ 46.00
30″ x 20″ $ 179.00
36″ x 24″ $ 219.00

After having such a great expeience with this print I’m eager to check out the other photo products offered by Canvas Print such as their magnets, blankets, boxes, and more! I encourage all my friend, follower, and family to swing on over to check it out. Right now if you order, it’ll arrive by Christmas!



FREE 12×8 Canvas Print! – All you need to do is to click the website link , upload your favorite picture, choose 12×8″ canvas and enter the voucher code from the website in the basket Keep it for yourself or present it to your loved ones.

Once you have ordered your free canvas you can share this with your friends anywhere in the web, so they also get a free canvas print. FREE 12×8 Canvas Print! The AMAZING FREE CANVAS FOR AMERICA CAMPAIGN. All you need to do is to click the website link , upload your favorite picture. all they need to pay for is shipping.

REMEMBER: FREE 12×8 Canvas Print!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*