Create Special Memories with Gnomets! {Review}


Gnoments are a cute unique way to get creative in  saying and showing to your  significant other that you are thinking of them! The set allows for one to be an old romantic with handwritten notes or to attach messages that can be opened by using your phone. Whether you go the route of low tech, high tech, or both your loved one will get the message loud and clear!
Included in the set is a boy and girl gnome and a 32-page hard covered book.  The book features full-color illustrations with suggestions to those creative juices going to get sparks flying. The website as well as included book is very easy to understand how to use each gnome.  A little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way and what a clever and fun way to spread a little love and cheer among each other.  These really can get one thinking outside of the box!

My husband and I really like  this set! The gnomes ar absolutely adorable. Being heavier on the bottom, they sit upright without any trouble at all. They can be positioned in all sorts of ways. When the two are together they can hold hands! The hats on their heads are positionable and make hanging them in certain places easy. Each of the gnomes has a little bag on their back where you can place notes and gifts. Safely tucked away behind the bag on their back is a NFC tag.

Using your phone to access the NFC chip is fairly simple. There is a tutorial on their website, but in short there is a free app NFC tools which allows you create a note or link. Then you can scan the NFC tag and upload it. Then when it is scanned later, it will give them the message! It might take a little getting used to, but after a few tries, should be an old habit. Plus the app itself tends to be helpful.

If you’d still like to send your loved one a message using the Gnoments but you don’t have access to their Gnome, you can do so from the Gnomets website. You can add links to your messages to videos you have created and uploaded to youtube. Photos can be sent by link to a private online album! There’s nearly no limit to what you can send to your loved one.

My husband and I recommend these to all couples. It’s like our own personal Elf on a shelf set but to not just be creative with during December but year round to show we care. The set with everything included is $39.95. I can see us using these in creative ways for years to come! No one said love needed to be boring so why not add a little fun in this cool way!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*