Christmas Eve 2016

Everyone does their Christmas gatherings different for a number of reasons. It has changed for us over the years. Sometimes we are at families homes on Christmas Day other times they are in our home. Some years we have just swapped gifts and gone out and enjoyed a holiday-themed outing. No matter how you do it, the importance is the presence of being together. This year we had my husband’s family over at our place on Christmas Eve. My family is split up and spread out far from us (North Carolina, etc) so we often don’t get to spend the holidays together but we still face time, call, and chat thanks to the internet. 
In the collage above, there are a few photos of our evening get-together with my husband’s sisters and parents. We are all squeezed into our tiny living room. Eight people in a less than 700 sq ft home can be tight! We are hoping, praying, and seeking God for a bigger place in the future (that’s another blog post) so hosting can be easier. We had cookies and tea to share and swapped gifts among each other. No dinners this go around because of schedules and what not didn’t line up (people having to work later, eating at different times, etc). Everyone getting on the same page for holidays can be a challenge sometimes.  Lydia did really well despite all the noise and happenings!

Later this evening, my husband and the three kids went to a local lit up trail. It’s free and though it’s not big, it’s still fun to get out and see. There’s a scavenger hunt where the kids can try to locate all the different animal cut-outs along the trail. My son loved it! Warm drinks, the sound of the river, beautifully lit up woods, it was wonderful.  We are hoping to make a tradition of this on Christmas Eve night if we stay close to this area.

What does your Christmas Eve or family get-together during the holidays look like? We also went up to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry for the holidays but that’s another blog post)