Christmas Baking 2016

Once December rolls around it’s our annual tradition to bake cookies or other goodies to share with friends, family, and among ourselves. This year the kids and I made chocolate fudge ( not pictured as it got eaten up quickly), sugar cookies, and blueberry muffins (these were amazing).

Cookies baked and other treats tend to change each year. Sometimes we make scones or cut-out gingerbread men and other years it’s chocolate chip cookies or cake.  The real tradition isn’t in the treat but in the special memory making of baking together during the Holidays. The kids loving helping out and I like having helpers! It’s always been a wonderful bonding time that I’ll treasure on my heart forever!

I love that my son doesn’t feel that cooking it just for girls. We watch a lot of Food Network shows so that helps any worldly influence that only a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Plus, his Daddy likes cooking and making all sorts of foods and drinks.  Next year we’ll be excited to let Lydia get into helping us. For now, she just watched happily while munching on her snacks.

Do you like baking during the month of December? Do you have traditional goodies you bake or are you like me and it’s something new every year? Share in the comments below!