Blue Orange: U-Turn {Brain Teaser Game Review}

U-Turn is a competitive physical puzzle for two players. There are two sets of colored bricks, each in the color of a play, and with a dot of the opposing color somewhere on it.

Players take turns taking a brick of their color and sliding it onto one of the other color with the goal of surrounding a dot of their color with their own color.

On a turn you have to also decide what’s a good move to win, but also check on the other areas of the structure to see if your opponent is about to win.

While it’s not a dexterity game per se, sometimes it takes a bit of work to connect the pieces without messing up the structure by slipping. After a few plays, we’ve never lost a game to accidental deconstruction, but it always feels like it’s possible once enough pieces are on.

The design and idea of the game are good and seems to work just fine after a few plays.

It’s also small and easy to take with you and good for most ages. It can be played anywhere, as you don’t need table space.

My husband and I have played it against each other and then my 8-year-old daughter challenged her Dad to a round. This game is great for all ages that want a fun challenge!

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