Blue Orange: Pinpoint! {Game Review}

PinPoint! is a visual deduction game that takes Spot the Difference to the next level.

On each card there is a set of images of the same object, each its own unique color. One object is the original, which each other has another unique variation to it. To determine the original, you must look carefully at each. The original will have details that match most of the others, and you must rule out the variations to determine which it is.

The rules are clear and concise. The detailed and visual example of how to play clarifies it nicely as well. There are a couple variations to the base game, which is first to correctly determine the answer wins the card, play until someone get X number of cards.

There is a cooperative variant, and a scoring variant, both of which use the included optional dice. In the scoring variant, players set the die to the chosen answer and say “first”, “second”, and so on, scoring 3,2, or 1 points for the first 3 players who are correct. In the co-op (or solo) mode once a player rules out one of the images, they set a die to that color. Once it’s narrowed down, everyone moves to the next card.

The design of the game is simple, yet the gameplay requires focus and great attention to detail. Our 6 yo son loved it. The ability to play co-op is nice, since it doesn’t make the game less of a challenge. While the colors of the images help differentiate them, they aren’t required except in the scoring variant. A die next to the image can note it’s been ruled out even without the color, so this game is color blind friendly.

This is a solid game that’s a nice similar but different game to ones like Spot It!. Instead of looking for the same thing, you’re looking for differences. No reading is required, so the age range is wider. The cards and included color dice are of good quality. This is a good choice for a family game.


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