Begin Again Toys: Don’t Dump Dumpty {Game Review and Giveaway}

dumptyv2_1__09984-1430320127-1280-1280BeginAgain of Fort Collins, Colorado makes eco-friendly toys that teach through play. I had a lot of fun browsing their offerings which include puzzles, balancing games, stackers, travel games, and more! There’s something for babies all the way up to children of older ages. I like the neat hands-on offerings which are perfect for helping children learn and recognize numbers, letters, and other important skills. These eco-friendly wooden sets and games challenge both boys and girls and encourage using ones imagination. This company is a worth a look for purchasing sustainable toys for home or in the classroom! 

With the oddles of amazing toys and puzzles, I’ve already been compiling a list of future gifts for my children. We raise chickens for eggs ( we have 8!) so I’m thinking the Chicken Family puzzle may need to be given to my littlest one for her next birthday.  Recently we got the opportunity to enjoy the  Don’t Dump Dumpty Game by BeginAgain. My husband spent the weekend playing this game with our nearly 6-year-old son and our eight-year-old eldest daughter and they really seemed to enjoy it. I asked Dad to share his thoughts on the game below!


Dad’s Thoughts…

This wooden play set melds math and dexterity in a game that’s a kind of sideways Don’t Break The Ice.

Rows of numbered blocks are placed in a vertical frame. Then atop the rows of blocks you place Humpty Dumpty. Don’t worry, he’s only in two pieces, and even counting the bricks, it would only take 1 of the king’s men to put it together again. We didn’t have a horse available to see if it could manage.

The rules offer many ways to play the game, from trying to gain 300 points, to alternating odd and even turns until someone causes Humpty to Dumpty himself all over. The rules are worded somewhat strangely, but the fact the various games are very simple, it doesn’t hinder understanding them.

Design wise, there is some good and some areas it falls short. The frame stands up inside the tray which is great, and the tray catches the blocks, also nice.

There is no lid of any kind, meaning you’ll have to store this horizontally or keep it in a bag. If there were a lid and a little bit of design change, you could set up the game flat than raise it up. Then it would also be ready to go right away when starting play. As it is, you have to put it all away when done, then take it apart and put it back together when playing next time.

If it’s going to stay on a table in a classroom for example, however, this won’t be a problem.

There’s no way to tell a 9 from a 6 on the blocks, so unless you make sure when setting it up, you may end up with two of one of them (the blocks can go in upside down, but learning to read upside down is a good thing!)

Overall, this is a fun game. It has some learning potential without it being forced. Storage may be an issue, but it’s not anything that can’t be worked with. It seems sturdy and should last the general rigors of play for some time.

Not mentioned by Dad, this game can be played alone or with more than a few people. It encourages math skills which is great if you are looking for ways to practice or teach concepts like odd and even numbers in an outside the box approach.  This game also many awards! I like that this game and the other items made by this company are made from eco-friendly, all natural rubberwood with non-toxic, child-safe stains! It can be used with children ages 2 and up! It will be getting lots of use from my family of five for school and fun quiet time purposes.  My family highly recommends it!

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