Day: December 18, 2016

Blue Orange: U-Turn {Brain Teaser Game Review}

U-Turn is a competitive physical puzzle for two players. There are two sets of colored bricks, each in the color of a play, and with a dot of the opposing color somewhere on it.

Players take turns taking a brick of their color and sliding it onto one of the other color with the goal of surrounding a dot of their color with their own color. Continue reading

Blue Orange: Pinpoint! {Game Review}

PinPoint! is a visual deduction game that takes Spot the Difference to the next level.

On each card there is a set of images of the same object, each its own unique color. One object is the original, which each other has another unique variation to it. To determine the original, you must look carefully at each. The original will have details that match most of the others, and you must rule out the variations to determine which it is. Continue reading