Stuck on Fun! Play with Patterns, Sticker Tape, and More! {Review and Giveaway}


If you have a craft loving kid, they are sure to be a fan of Stuck on Fun! Play with Patterns, Sticker Tape, and More! by Jannie Ho. This great offering is perfect for children ages five years old and up. When I was a child I spent hours cutting and pasting together paper dolls from books and magazines which proved fun but over time my dolls wore out or didn’t stand up to all the glue. These punch-out characters are a great sturdy option to flimsy paper dolls!


Aside from the twelve characters, this set includes supplies one can use to add to the fun and flare making every creation a one of a kind. Inside the book, there is washi tape, patterned paper, stencils, and stickers that can be used for all sorts of decorating! It certainly provides for hours of fun. It works well with multiple children too as I let my oldest two children use and they had a lot of fun.img_20161108_082126

Instructions are clear to follow for children. Everything you would need other than a pair of scissors and glue is included. Suggestions are given for additional embellishing. If you are like me and have a craft supply box of random things, that would be great to pull out for use with this. Things like gems, gels pens, glitter, feathers, punches, stickers, and so forth would be a nice addition. The characters can be used for play, as ornaments, gift tags, or in other creative ways!

As wonderful as this crafting book is, I do have a few quibbles to point out. First most, I have an issue with the patterned paper. There is one pattern on the front and completely different one on the backside. I really wish each sheet was just one pattern entirely. Secondly, I wish specific pages were perforated and easy to remove specifically the stencil pages and patterned paper.  Though probably not intended, I completely removed the spiral binding so my kids could have full-range of the stencils, etc so as to not hinder their creativity or prevent any sort of frustrations.

My 5-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter really did enjoy creating their own unique characters. My daughter really surprised me with her choices of paper, shapes, and designs to fully customize her bear character. I am so proud of both of my kids for creating such fun and unique creations. I love that this kit really inspired them to get in touch with their creative and imaginative side!

At the price of $14.95 it’s certainly a not a bad gift idea especially with the holiday season coming up. A child who may be intimidated by crafting can use this book as a platform to improve with ease. It’s fun to do together but a child certainly could do this all on their own as well with very little if any assistance. It’s cute and high quality!

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