Natural and Gluten Free Spreads this Fall from Rigoni Di Asiago!


Whether looking for some great honey or fruit jams to keep for yourself or give to a friend (seriously who doesn’t love getting delicious sweets as a gift?) why not consider the products from Rigoni Di Asiago. This company provides customers delicious and natural spreads from the mountains of Italy, each of which is gluten free and suitable for Celiacs! These are particularly a good choice if you aren’t sure if your friend or loved one may have dietary restrictions.

There are many kinds of honey and jams to choose from. There is blueberry, peach, raspberry, apricot, wild berries, lingonberry, strawberry, and many more varieties of spread. Honey flavors vary from Orange Blossom to a completely different a new to me the flavor of lime honey! Other products include sweeteners and hazelnut spreads!


My family has been enjoying the Wildflower honey and Cranberry Jam this season. They honey is very raw and creamy. The flavor is a treat for the mouth. I’ve used it in my tea, in many recipes, and enjoyed it just straight from the jar. It leaves a rich lasting flavor that makes us come back for more!

The Cranberry spread I almost had to keep away from my husband! He is a huge lover of this berry. We’ve enjoyed the spread on biscuits, toast, and sandwiches! It’s not too sweet or acidic. It’s perfect! Even my two picky older children liked it!img_20161013_153311

I’m pleased to keep this brand in my home. I like that they use only the best for their customers. There’s no citric acid or additives in the jam. It’s healthy and low calorie, talk about a win-win! The honey is easy to spread and comes in many unique and different varieties.

I like I can purchase these products affordably directly from the companies website but also off! These are so delicious that I feel obligated to share them with friends and loved ones as specialty gifts!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*