Holiday Gift Guide: The cuboro basis Marble Track System {Review}

The cuboro basis Marble Track System is an open-ended toy that provides for hours of learning, fun, and discovery. My older children ages 5 and 8 seemed to enjoy using this set alone, together, and with their Dad.

I must boast highly on how awesome this set is!  The variations of creation are many and make each play different every time.  It’s the perfect set for holding ones attention and perfect for times when my kids need to unplug from electric devices and screens. I like how hands-on it is.  It’s one of those unique highly treasured toys that I feel will be kept in our home and shared among future generations.

img_20161125_185642Dad’s Thoughts…

This set fuses building blocks with marble maze towers.

The blocks are solid and sturdy and well crafted. The box is tough and stapled together so it can withstand being full of wood.

Kids of any age can play with the blocks as blocks (but don’t feed the marbles to babies!), but designing a working maze will be for kids who have more desire than to just chew on them.

The set came with 1 design to build to get a feel for how it can work. To build it properly, it will take some thinking past what’s shown on the page. You use a certain set of blocks as noted by block numbers on the blueprint, and the rest of the blocks as a base for the others. The best way to do it is to figure out which blocks you’ll need first, so you know which are spare. It doesn’t say to do this, but we figured that out. This isn’t a bad thing, as engaging the brain in this way is a good exercise.

The booklet that comes with says which blocks are which number, but the blocks themselves don’t have the number on them. You’ll have to compare the blocks to the shapes to figure out which is which, once again engaging the brain.

When designing your own maze, there’s no limit past which blocks you have. Of course, you can always get more sets!

The marbles ran through the maze great. If the blocks get bumped, it can prevent flow. Once put flush again it’ll go again. The blocks seem to be precise in build, they fit together nicely.

This marble block set is as much a building set as a spatial reasoning teaching tool. Learning how to place the blocks to get the marble to roll is a challenge and something to accomplish. I like this.


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