Holiday Gift Guide: Prime Time Toys – Legendfire Powershot Blaster Review

3-2-16-legend-fire-hero-blueMy son and oldest daughter love playing target practice in our backyard. They would, however, be shooting things all over the inside of the house if I let them! They were pretty thrilled with the new toy gun by Prime Time Toys that I gifted them with. They, however, did have to share with their Dad first thing because of review purposes. But we all really knew he wanted to play with it too! 3-2-16-legend-fire-side-view-blue-600x600

About: Legendfire Powershot Blaster $14.99 – Ages 8+

The only long barrel in this year’s fleet, the Legend Fire Blaster takes aim at being in the top of the class. This SELF-ADVANCING blaster comes with two ammo cartridges for a quick change-out throughout the battle. The Legend Fire features 18 Super Darts for maximum shooting distance!

Dad’s Thoughts:

This is a pump fire revolver rifle!

The nice features are having two cylinders to allow for rapid reloading of a second set up darts after the first is expended. The power of the shots are strong and the darts fly nicely.

You can spin the cylinder and reload it without taking the current one off, which is nice. They are a little bit hard to remove from the holder on the stock. But they don’t easily fall off, either.

The darts are foam and have a bouncy rubber tip. They aren’t suction cup darts.5-11-16-legendfire-detail

The trigger on the gun is just for looks. You fire by pulling the pump, and when you pull it back far enough, it fires. This doesn’t make for the more accurate shots, however, you can fire many quickly. Good for suppressing fire.

This seems well made, works, and is fun to use, like any foam dart gun should be. The firing mechanism is atypical from any other similar toy I’ve used before, but whether it is good or bad may just be a matter of preference.

You can purchase at Target, Wal-mart, and on the companies website!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*