Gift Idea: Fruit-Full Kids -A New Way to Feed A Child’s Faith!

I like decorating the home with religious decorations. I feel that if one sees something regularly enough, it’ll be memorized and not forgotten. When I received a pitch about a new way to feed my children’s faith so to speak, my interest was perked! Feed, don’t you love the play on words? What I’d like to introduce today are some pretty awesome plates by Fruitful Kids. This company features a whole line of plates that focus on the fruits of the spirit and other Biblical concepts. 
platesI was sent the Fruit of the Spirit Love plate. It’s really cute and my kids love when it graces the table. I like the simple and child-friendly designs! I love how the plate can serve as reminder, as well as a discussion of the topic it features. For instance, when this plate it out I may ask one of my children if they did anything out of love during the day. Or I can ask them what are some ways we can show love to those around us. all-2bthe-2bplates
I’ve had this plate for awhile now and it’s retaining it’s imagery just fine. It’s been in and out of the dishwasher and there’s been zero fading or discoloration. Each plate is made from 100% non-toxic BPA-free melamine. The plates are non-breakable and are a great alternative to paper products.

I’m going to have to invest in a few more for my other two kids! A single plate cost $6.95 and a set of three is $19.95.  These would make a fun and life changing gift to give!

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