Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Books!{Review and Giveaway}

We’ve entered into the rainy season here in the Northwest. My kids enjoy being outside and some days I let them splash around in puddles and make mudpies but that isn’t a daily occurrence. On these days when looking to unplug and are not able to spend time outdoors, we reach for board games, crafts, and activity books! Often I’ll print out activities here and there but that requires extra time on my part in the form of searching online for appropriate and educational content for my two oldest children. I’ll admit that between grading school work, keeping the home,  caring for my chickens, and so forth I don’t always have the time to do this task right away.

The popular website Woo! Jr. Kids Activities is helping teachers and parents alike with a new line of reproducible activity books for kids aged 4-12. These books combine the top content from Woo! Jr. Kids Activities into several different packages:31zkkijiawl-_ux250_

  • Alphabet Dot to Dot Ages 4-6
  • Word Search for Kids Ages 6-8
  • Word Search for Kids Ages 9-12
  • Halloween Activity Book for Kids
  • Christmas Activity Book for Kids

My son age 5 1/2 and my daughter age 8 were gifted these books to use this week and I’m pleased that the books were a hit. My son has been using the Alphabet Dot to Dot book during quiet times and my daughter the Word Search book for kids 9-12 (her choice).

I like that with these activity books they are learning! My son is practicing his handwriting skills, alphabet recognition, and art abilities. My daughter is searching for words high and low. Some of the words are things like adjectives and others are a fun group of items or things you find together. Today she worked on the word search Autumn.


It’s nice that my children are filling their free time without being behind a screen. We aren’t anti-screen but without certain restrictions in the home, they would be sitting behind them all day long. Quiet activities have been very welcome since the birth of their little sister that is a light sleeper! I also think these books are good bring alongs to Grandma’s house when they are having to wait for a meal or activity, the Doctor office, on a long trip, and so on.

The price isn’t bad at around $6-7.00 each. It saves time, printer ink, and paper! The books can be photo-copied to use for more than one child!
Great for daycare, classroom setting, homeschool, and so forth.

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