I AM SO BORED! by Henrike Wilson {Book Review}


I am so bored is a phrase I’ve heard more than a few times in my household! “I Am So Bored” is a cleverly written book to reach children ages 3-6 years old that seem to struggle with this common issue. The world can be hectic, busy, and  boring at times to children (even for me!)! This story serves as a wonderful reminder  to just stop, look around, and see what you can do by purely using your imagination.  I can vouch that my children do pretty amazing things when there aren’t screens, noises, and a plethora of things overloading their senses. bored-spread-3
In this story, we meet a bear cub. This bear cub is bored and has no idea what to do. His friends are busy and his mama too! This is is something that happens to every child.  The bear wanders off on his own and eventually lays sprawled out with nothing but the grass at his back and the sky above him. It’s at that time that that his senses are woken up and he starts seeing the world come alive around him! He hears the birds chirp, notices the little mole in ground, and so many other wonderful things. Being outdoors reaps amazing benefits but really it’s the stopping the pace and just being still  that one can truly have enjoyable time full of amazing discoveries.

The illustrations are full of earth colors and tones and look to have been created using a paintbrush. The text is a little hard to read on some of the pages because of darks greens and browns but you can still make it out.

The writing is simple and easy to understand for little ones. My two oldest children (ages 8 and 5 ) told me they enjoyed the book and would try in the future to do as the little bear has done.  The told me yes they’ve had moments of boredom and feeling left out when everyone else was busy. I’m encouraging them to have a book of ideas of things that they could do when times like these present themselves.

This book is a good pick for caregivers, teachers, and parents of either boys or girls to read during story time to instill the importance of being patient and using their imagination.


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