Holiday Slow Cooker Delicious Recipes for a Year of Hassle-Free Celebrations


Something we all can’t deny if that holidays can sometimes be hassle to get through! It seems like they sneak up on us and then we are a little scatterbrained getting all the details down. One of the most important things to manage during these times is the planning and preparations of delicious and nutritious meals to share among our family, friends, and neighbors.  This is the time I often am searching the internet and my cookbooks for delicious recipes that 1. Won’t break the Bank with the ingredients, 2. Don’t Require a lot of babysitting, and 3. That likely will be welcome additions to a meal or served as an entire meal.

Holiday Slow Cooker Delicious Recipes for a Year of Hassle-Free Celebrations By Jonnie Downing is a life saver! This book features crockpot recipes for all four seasons of the year and the following Holidays; Valentine’s Day, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. There are recipes for side dishes, desserts, drinks, dips, and main courses . There are more than 100 recipes to choose from!

The recipe book is written in a conversationalist style. I appreciate the personal touch. There are tips, facts, and even a little bit of history throughout. I love that I’m not only making new recipes but learning a thing or to while I’m at it. The author does speak to the reader that all the recipes written in this book are best suited for a larger crowd. A six-quart crock pot is recommended though if you don’t have one the recipes still will work however, you’ll need to do the math to make a smaller amount. She does suggest that if you have a smaller family and don’t think you’ll be able to finish all that you made it can be saved for leftover or frozen.

Glossy pages are what you’ll find in this book. The cover features inner flaps. I like to use the flaps to keep my place for a recipe I plan on making. The book is designed with a lay-flat binding. The binding is great so my recipe will keep open while I’m gathering ingredients or seeing what step to take next while preparing it! There are full-color photos for many of the recipes that give you a general idea how the dish will come out.


My family and I have made the Kielbasa and Kraut recipe during the month October and my goodness it was so simple and delicious. On the weekend throwing things in the crockpot for meals if preferred so we have more time to spend together outside of the kitchen. I’m already taking note of what other recipes to cook next. I am loving this book and will be going back to it again and again. Highest of recommendations!


* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*