Flock and Fiber Festival 2016!

Last month, my family and I made our annual trip to the local fiber festival. This year the festival was celebrating its 20th year! I always enjoy going to see the sights! I’ll admit I haven’t done very many fiber crafts this year. Adjusting to the baby has been trying at times but it’s gotten better. I did manage to knit her a rose pink Sandoval hat to keep her little noggin warm during the Fall and Winter season. She hasn’t tried to take the hat off so I’m pretty sure she likes it! 

Other projects that have left my needles are Granny’s Dishcloths. I make these all the time because we always need them for cleaning in the kitchen and bath. The pattern is no brainer and gives my hands something to do when they are free. Did I get any yarn at the festival? Yes, of course! It’s my one time of the year that I don’t feel guilty for splurging a little for myself.  I ended up picking up a skein of sock yarn. Not for socks, however. I have plans to knit this yarn into a shawl for myself taken from a pattern in the One Skein Wonders Sock Yarn book. The colorway is Autumn rainbow and the brand Knitted Wit. The fiber is superwash merino and nylon. Three bolga baskets to use around the home and a decorative sheep to make my desk a happier place also were among my purchases.

We had a nice trip. The kids enjoyed going through the animal barns to see the llamas, alpacas, bunnies, and goats. They gleefully pointed out such stunning yarns and projects on display. It was a beautifully sunny fall day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. This years adventure was much better than lasts when I about hurled from all the smells (pregnancy). Lydia got to enjoy the festival this go around for the few minutes she was up. I can’t wait to see her reaction next year!