Baflan 11lb/5kg Digital Multifunction Kitchen Food Scale {Review}

The Baflan 11lb/5kg Digital Multifunction Kitchen Food Scale makes getting the exact measurement needed easy. Though the title of this product uses the word kitchen it can equipped elsewhere for other things. For example, you’ll catch me using this scale for getting the weight of my yarn for specific knitting and crochet projects. Sometimes I need to be a little more detailed when it comes to weight in ounces and a small sized scale as this is perfect for those needs. 

This scale is very easy to use. It features a precision Tare button so you can be very accurate in the weight of whatever you are weighing. Not having to do the math in my head to calculate the weight of the bowl and what I’m measuring saves me a lot of time. All I have to do is turn the scale on, place what needs tared, press the on button again and it subtracts that weight bringing the measurement back down to zero. I can then place in the bowl, plate, or whatever else into the desired item and get the exact measurement for my recipe or knitting project.


Let’s say I need a specific type of measurement. This scale features ounces, pounds,grams, and millimeters. With four measuring units there’s no more guess-work needed. The scale features just two buttons to do all that you’d need to do . To turn off the scale you simply hold down the off/on/Tare button for a few seconds but if you forget, it has an auto-off after three minutes mode built straight in. The second button is to choose what measurement you’d like. Simple and easy.

Other features that are nice to have are the no-skid rubberized feet and the large LCD screen. It requires 2 AAA batteries to run and these are included in the purchase. The compartment for them can easily be opened without the need for a tool.

This scale can take up to 11lbs. It’s slender and small so it takes up very little space. It appears to be accurate. For the price, it’s not terrible. I don’t know if it would still work correctly if damaged from a fall or something of the sort. But for the time being it works well for my needs and if it does break it won’t break the budget to get another to replace it. We currently love using it to measure the poundage needed to make cobblers!

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