All Is Bright: A Devotional Journey to Color Your Way to Christmas {Review}


All Is Bright: A Devotional Journey to Color Your Way to Christmas is a great book to use during the Advent season whether alone or with the family! It features  glossy gold stars that shine on the cover that welcomes one in. The devotional content in this book focuses fully on the birth of Christ starting with God’s promise for a Saviour and ending with Paul’s message of pressing on into the future. This devotional runs not just through the Christmas season but from December 1st to December 31st. 91ywgjl94l

The devotions are in order of the days of the month. Each devotional has a title and scripture throughout. The page the devotion is on has a border which can be colored and on the accompanying page there’s a coloring page that ties into what was read. The pages are nice and thick so even ink markers or gel pens could be used to color. I prefer colored pencils but it’s certainly nice to be able to use a variety of art mediums if desired. The pages features aren’t blank on the back so I would take that into consideration if opting to use something like watercolor or sharpies. Very fine tipped supplies aren’t needed as the illustrations have larger enough spaces for well-sharpened pencils.


Aside from the devotionals and the corresponding coloring pages, there’s an entire section in the back of the book filled with activities, conversation starters, and coloring pages for the entire family. In having this content included, I feel this book is best suited for those with children. The conversation starters all start with scripture, have questions pertaining to the holiday, and a prayer to pray. These can be done nightly leading up to Christmas or whenever one has the time to do them. I love there are coloring pages that feature bookmarks, ornaments, and so on that can be colored by my children and used to decorate around are home or gift to loved ones and friends.  When my kids see me coloring they want to color one in my books often so this books works out well for that very purpose!

During a time of the year when it’s often about self aside from others, this book serves as wonderful reminder of what we really should be celebrating and who we should be worshipping.  The devotions are wonderful and offer quiet reflections when it seems that minds are running restless and at full speed. The illustrations are great!  I would most certainly recommend this book for families.


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