The Cutie Bibs {review}

The Cutie Bibs are pretty cute but the question is how well do they work as a bib? Being a mom of eight years with three kids, I’ve used a lot of different bibs. In my opinion, some styles and types work better for different stages. For instance, cotton bibs work well for absorbency in those beginning eating stages where food is finer ground and more liquid like in consistency. Now, I’ve never used a silicone bib before recently but I’m finding them quite up to the challenge of keeping baby clean since they can be washed/wiped down after each use. Using just one bib instead of three or more a day is certainly a saver in creating less laundry after each meal and snack time. 

I was a bit leery about the silicone. I thought it would be stiff and somewhat uncomfortable but it isn’t! The material these are made of is soft and light. It doesn’t weigh down on baby and are  flexible. I am liking the fact these are free from any potentially harmful chemicals. Each bib features a good size pocket that will catch most food that misses babies mouth. These are adjustable with three settings. There are two locking mechanisms to keep the bibs from becoming detached while being worn.

img_20160912_132845I really like that this set of bibs comes with matching placemats. These mats can easily be rolled up and folded not losing shape when not in use. I plan on taking these alone when we go out to restaurants or to a friend or family members home. Like the bibs, these can be washed by hand in soapy water or thrown into the wash if you prefer.


I love these are saving my family money whether it be from washing less laundry, using more stain remover sprays, or in needing to replace dirtied clothes. These definitely get the job done and are cute for both boys and girls!

I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*