Smarson HD WIFI Home Security Camera, Baby Monitor #smarssen


The Smarson HD WIFI Home Security Camera, Baby Monitor my family has been using for about a month now. I specifically wanted it to keep an eye on my four-month-old baby while she was sleeping or playing in her crib.

I really like this camera because not only can I keep an eye on baby, but I can keep an eye on my house while I am not home. I can simply just unplug it from the wall and plug it in somewhere else. Once it’s plugged up, it links back up to my phone and I can view wherever it’s pointed!  I asked my husband on his thoughts on the camera and he gladly opted to share them here on my blog below. 

-Guest Review by Justin Lowmaster-

This security camera works pretty well, has good visual quality. Some of the UI implementation and notifications lack finesse and some of the notification defaults are questionable, but overall, decent camera.

Setup was fairly easy using the app. Nothing seemed weird, and it mostly just worked.

The camera video quality is good. The night vision works nice as well.

There is a blue light on the camera which would be nice if you could turn it off (if you can, I don’t know how) so it would not stand out.

We tried motion detection pointing out a window paired with email notifications. Every breeze, car driving past, shake of a leaf, all these things triggered detection. Being able to set the threshold would be nice.

The default phone notification sound is an annoying klaxon, which could be good in some cases.

I managed to totally disable the device from sending phone notifications, and the steps support said to take didn’t work, then I never heard back after that. Deleting the Alarm Push ID is not the correct way to disable push notifications.

If you insert and SD card, the camera can record. You can also record on your phone while viewing, which is neat if you’re watching someone ransack your home and they mash the camera (see: blue light), if you recorded on your phone, you have the recording!

You can also talk through the camera using the app.

We use it mostly as a baby monitor. It does the trick, the app works good.

I’m pretty paranoid about devices like these improperly doing security wrong, but nothing was obviously wrong, and I don’t have the technical skills to check too deeply. I’ll rate the security ‘probably fine’.

It’s a decent price, the picture quality is good, app works, a tad clunky and could use better localisation, but if a word is slightly off, it’s pretty close. Probably a good buy.


* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*