Our First Canning Experience making Blueberry Jam!

I’ve been wanting to can for a long time now and just really never got around to it. Life has a way of getting away from you if you don’t stop and just make the time for what you want no matter what. Well, as it happens canning I put on my to learn list for next year but it happened a little sooner than that. My friend Crystal invited me to a Ball Canning House Party and I learned exactly how to get started in canning from what I needed to purchase and how one of the main processes go. It was a blessing for the opportunity to watch and help her make Strawberry Jam! It was work but it was worth it. There’s just something special about making your own goods!

About two weeks ago, my husband and I got to work on  making jam out of the blueberries we picked earlier this Summer.  We picked around 30lbs for $1.25 an lb. Yes, we got an amazing deal on those for the third year in a row no less. We followed the recipe in the Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving, 37Th Edition for berry jam. We figured we’d only be making four-pint sized jars of jam but somehow ended up with 10.5 jars!. We did the math right so we can’t explain the abundance that flowed through processing it in this way.

So some advice to newbies like me, get a big pot for whatever jam, fruit, veggies or whatever else you are canning! We had so much blueberry filling that we ran into an almost overflowing disaster with the jam! It has to get boil for a little bit and constantly so overflowing all over the stove, floor, etc would have been a horrible thing. Especially with VERY HOT jam too.

Also, it helps to have a helper. I could have done with alone but in having my husband help, things went a lot smoother and quicker!

dscn5735Our first batch turned out very well! The jam thickened up like it was intended too. There were no horrible disasters.
And this process went so well that we’ve canned again just a few days ago but we didn’t do jam but Pear sauce instead. I’ll be blogging about that in another post!

Do you can? If you do, what’s your favorite thing to make? If you don’t would you like to? It’s really not all that hard!