Little Remedies® New Baby Essentials Kit

littleremediesMore moms than ever sing “happy birthday” on September 16th, as more babies are born in the U.S. on this date compared to any other date. I had no idea about this till recently but think that’s pretty cool!

Although a time for celebration and adaptation, this time of year is also the start of cold and flu season when germs are omnipresent. As new moms everywhere welcome their babies, they will also need to protect them during the most germ-heavy time of year. 

Please join  Little Remedies  and I in celebrating – and empowering – new moms on by sharing this list of products that they can trust ! These products likely will keep their babies happy and healthy all year long! img_20160926_130259

Little Remedies® New Baby Essentials Kit provides new moms with everything they need to safely and effectively relieve their babies’ most common symptoms. Products in the kit include:

  • Infant Fever/Pain Reliever – Effective pain reliever with ingredients to bring down your baby’s fever
  • Honey Cough Syrup – Simple three ingredient cough syrup soothes cough day or night
  • Saline Drops – Non-medicated relief flushes and removes mucus from little noses
  • Gripe Water – Relieves stomach discomfort due to hiccups and colic
  • Gas Relief Drops – Quickly relieves tummy pain from excess gas
  • Nasal Aspirator – Relief for dry and stuffy noses

I really like this kit! It has everything I need for my baby girl to keep her happy and healthy. I totally love the fact the kit includes a bonus travel organizer bag and syringes that have the exact measurement of medicine to give your little one when needed.  These products also span from the baby up to two years old.  It’s a great kit to keep on hand year round. This is something that would make a great baby shower/new parent gift. I know I would have been very appreciative to have received it.


The Little Remedies® New Baby Essentials Kit is affordably priced at $19.97 at It also can be found on and other retailers.

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*